Itohkyuemon 株式会社伊藤久右衛門

While eating and recovering from the heat at the tea house I debated going to the temple I wanted to visit. I figured, even if I was exhausted it was only on the other end of the bridge and down the street. I’d probably regret going all the way to Uji and missing it. So after buying tea to take home and paying my bill I headed across the river and towards the Byodoin temple. The road along the way is packed with shops selling matcha goods and drinks. One that I popped into was Itohkyuemon Byodoin. Itohkyuemon is a matcha tea company which uses Uji tea and has a couple shops in Uji. The one I went to was not the main head shop, but Itohkyuemon Byodoin. At the main head shop you can buy food and sit and rest. The main office is located at Yubinbango 611-0013 Kyoto Uji Todo AraMaki 19-3 The one I went to however was a small crowded shop selling most of their products including their parfait ice cream bars. There might have been a restaurant hiding somewhere in the back or nearby but if so I didn’t see it. I do suggest giving it a try though, they offer the matcha soba and also matcha curry and so many other matcha things to try if you make it to one of their restaurants. (Even matcha alcohol)


My matcha parfait was the original flavor. There were four to choose from.  I grabbed a laminated copy of what I wanted, took it to the front desk and they popped into the back to get it for me after I paid. I was also given a cup to put it in, which was necessary because it melted fast in the summer heat. It was matcha ice cream, dipped in matcha chocolate with whipped cream, chocolate, cake, red bean and a slice of frozen citrus fruit. It was really nice to have while walking through the crowded and hot street.

They’re open from 10am until 5pm daily. They also have locations outside of Uji. If you want to enjoy all their tea flavored goods I suggest checking out their website which you can find here. I definitely regret not buying some of their matcha soba to take home and try making on my own. The one near Byodin is very crowded so if you have the time and energy I suggest checking out the head shop instead.

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