Arc. N. Books

One of the ways I find places I want to visit is via Instagram. Either from people I follow or just scrolling through things on hashtags. It’s how I found out about Arc. N. Books which is on the edge of Myeongdong and City Hall. It’s an underground bookstore (literally you have to go down stairs, it’s below regular ground level) that one could spend all day in.

To get into the bookstore you have to walk through arches made out of books. There’s two of them and both get crowded with people wanting to have photo shoots. (I did the same) This is also the area where the English books can be found and there’s a good amount.


Beyond this point though is a bookstore that gives off Union station or big train station vibes. Around the edges of the bookstore are various restaurants and cafes. So you literally can grab a book, read it for a little bit, get some work done and then get something to eat before checking out or going home. It was really pretty, but I felt awkward trying to look at their English books because it was such a busy corridor. But the design is absolutely stunning and worth a visit if you want some books or to do some unique souvenir shopping.


I think one of my favorite things about this book store is that it’s not a place that rushes you. There’s no one hovering to make sure you’re buying a book. They’ve actually included things to suggest you stay longer. Like comfortable chairs with outlets and usb chargers.


Arc. N. Book is open from 10am until 10pm.

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