Mega Coffee

When it comes to cafes Korea has a ton, among them are a lot of really cheap chains. One of these I see a lot of is called Mega Coffee. A hot Americano is 1,500 won at their shop and their most expensive item, the unicorn frappe a colorful vanilla shake, is 4,800 won.

The one in my neighborhood even has a touch screen for you to order from at the window or you can grab a seat inside, though there isn’t a ton of seating available.


I’d walked past a couple times and was always drawn by their intricate looking example drinks.


After talking some friends into checking it out with me, I decided to order their 3,900 won cookie frappe which I was given an option of either whipped cream or soft serve ice cream with. I picked ice cream.


I really liked the soft service ice cream and the oreos. I think I tried to drink the rest of it too fast though because if I had let it melt a little bit more there would have been less tiny ice chunks that kept getting stuck in my straw. (Note that I used a stainless steal reusable straw when I took the drink home. This probably isn’t a problem with the straws they provide.)


They also serve snacks and food that don’t seem particularly expensive either. I think if you’re on a budget it’s a good place to grab a drink or something sweet. Or even a quick meal.


Mega Coffee can be found all throughout South Korea, so if you’re on a budget and need your coffee fix give them a try.

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