Austin’s Texas BBQ 오스틴

While waiting for my call back from the BTS pop up shop I decided to get some lunch. I wouldn’t get called back until after 1pm, which was a couple hours from when I was given my ticket. So instead I wandered around the hill the pop up was on trying to decide what I wanted to eat until I spotted a neon sign pointing down into a basement claiming Austin’s Texas BBQ.


I miss American BBQ. Yes, sometimes it can be spicy but I love some good smoky pulled pork with some bbq sauce. It’s so good. I checked their hours and they were in fact open but no one was inside. The staff were just standing around chatting looking bored. I was given a menu and I sat down with it trying to decide what I wanted before picking my order. I was nervous that the spice level would be hopped up but I hoped it would be okay nonetheless.


What ended up happening was that I did the bbq myself. Which made my wimpy taste buds happy. The meat wasn’t drenched in it, and actually had no bbq sauce mixed in. At my table were two bottles of homemade bbq sauce and I got to pick which one I wanted to try. Simple or spicy. I went for simple and went to work making myself delightful little sandwiches. It was absolutely delicious.


I picked their pulled pork off their 1 person platters menu which came with one side, so I picked sweet potato fries which were sweet and a little sticky, as if someone had drizzled honey on them. It was 14,500 won.

There are two locations. One in Gangnam (where I went) and the other in Hongdae. The one in Gangnam is open from 12pm to 11pm. The one in Hongdae is open Monday through Friday from 6pm to to 10pm. On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays they’re open in Hongdae from 12pm to 10pm.  The menu between locations seems to differ a little as well.


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