The Piola 더피올라

After walking around the crowded European Christmas Market with a friend all we wanted to do was sit down and drink something warm. We had planned to have dinner around Dongdaemun so I looked up cafes in the area and picked The Piola.

The Piola is a cafe and flower shop. We went around Christmas so they were all decked out for the holidays with beautiful pine trees and little Santa hats on the cacti. I decided fairly quickly that I wanted a festive drink off their winter menu. They were just so cute looking.


Jess ordered the Rudolph hot chocolate (5,800 won) while I ordered their Rudolph strawberry milk tea (6,500 won).


A lot of their drinks on their menu are very pretty and aesthetically pleasing. Our Rudolph drinks had little marshmallows decorated to look like Rudolph, using pretzal to make the antlers. The antlers though got soggy pretty quickly in the warm drinks and not quite as appetizing as it was cute. But the rest of the drink was good. I loved the peaceful atmosphere in the shop and being surrounded on all sides by plants.

In the back of the cafe is the florist so you can buy practically any plant you see in the shop or even get some flowers to go. They even offer classes. (I’m not sure if they’re available in English.)


They are open from 9am until 10pm Monday through Friday. On Saturdays from 10am until 10pm and on Sundays from 10am until 9pm.

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