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Things move and change quickly in cities. I only lived in Gunpo for about a year but so many things changed from when I moved in to when I left, that any time I went for a walk I was bound to find something new. One such time introduced me to Go Pizza. Go Pizza is a chain in Korea of quick mini personal pizza’s that are shaped like an oval. You can get them on their own or in sets with a side of french fries and a soda or ade. You can order via a Korean only (at least at my location) touch screen near the front or at the counter.

I tend to be very basic with pizza if I can, and usually go for a plain cheese pizza. Usually that doesn’t disappoint me. It has, I’ve had some awful cheese pizza in Korea, but usually it’s fine. On the go pizza menu it’s called American cheese pizza. There’s a lot of other options from familiar things like combination and pepperoni to things like the king prawn seafood pizza which has shrimp and calamari. The basic American cheese pizza is about 4,900 won while the most expensive pizza seems to be the king prawn seafood pizza at 6,800 won, which is almost the same price as a basic pizza combo with french fries and a drink (6,700 won). They also sell pasta and buffalo wings.


Please note that for some of their dishes they will automatically sprinkle on red pepper flakes. One of my friends ordered the pepperoni and was surprised by all the red pepper flakes. I haven’t had any with my american cheese pizza, but if you don’t want it, or can’t handle spicy, make sure to let them know.

If you use Shuttle delivery in Korea you can check out their menu here. The Go Pizza located in Sanbon is open from 11am until 11pm daily.

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