Gosu Tacos 고수타코

A friend of mine from my old school invited me to a Christmas concert at KBS. The concert was amazing, it was small but very nice and pleasant. The music wasn’t particularly Christmas-y it just happened the weekend after Christmas. Afterwards we went to dinner. I’d spotted Gosu tacos on our way to the concert and thought it’d be the perfect place to grab dinner.

Gosu tacos is Korean Mexican fusion. Which can be a hit or a miss. A lot of the things on their menu seemed to have something as a main ingredient that I wasn’t particularly excited about. But eventually I decided to just try something that sounded only semi strange. So I picked the 스윗 포태이토 치킨 퀘사디아 sweet potato chicken quesadilla (13,500 won)


I liked it, a lot. It came with some chips and salsa and they do sell other dips that you can buy like ranch, which was a little sweet.

It’s a small restaurant so during cold weather I suggest trying not to sit near the door or every time the door opens you’ll freeze, even if you’re not right next to the door. When you are done eating you return your try to the front. Gosu Taco is open Monday-Saturday from 11am until 10pm. Closed on Sundays.

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