Gamsung taco and grill 감성타코앤그릴

While out and trying to get as much done as possible in a day with a friend we decided to try and find something to eat for a late lunch. My friend loves Mexican food and so when I spotted Gamsung taco and grill on Kakao maps I figured it’d be a good place to try.

It’s on the second floor up a set of stairs. We waited a bit for some seats to open up and then took our time looking at the menu. They have some really pretty mojito’s in different flavors that looked like fun but I just really wanted water. The mojito’s range between 9,000 and 10,000 won. (or up to 12,000 won depending on what I think is size) So when my friend ordered a soda and saw lemon in her glass of ice she gave it to me. So I used it to fill up with water. Which was good because the food I ordered was insanely spicy. (Remember I’m a wimp when it comes to spice.)


I had specifically asked if the BBQ short rib wet burrito was spicy (14,000 won). I know, I know, I should really not trust anything that says bbq, but I was assured it wouldn’t be spicy. My friend’s food also ended up being spicy for her but she’d had the foresight to order a side of sour cream. Meanwhile I suffered until I saw the waitress again and asked for sour cream explaining it was spicy. She was really sweet and brought me some extra, very strange, sides to help with the spice as well as some sour cream. (It was like pineapple coleslaw and some sort of pickle dish, they did help).

The first thing we noticed about our burritos were that they were smaller than we’d expected, which ended up being fine due to how spicy they were. The other thing was that the music was loud. The music was just EDM club music followed by explicit lyrics rap, which with my friend who gets super uncomfortable around even tame curse words, was just awkward. Plus for me, club music is not my choice of pleasant eating background music. Our assumption is that A: It was Hongdae, home to tons of clubs and it was trying to add to a cool club atmosphere. B: They weren’t aware of exactly what the lyrics were or how many slurs and or inappropriately dirty some of the lyrics were and once again probably they just thought it was cool.  Either way it made it difficult to chat with my friend and we didn’t stay particularly long.

Their most popular item seems to be their fajitas. They have a couple of different types, and that’s what everyone around us ordered. I didn’t want to order one just in case it was too spicy to eat. The cheapest fajita is also 31,000 won which just seemed a bit too much to pay for something I might not be able to eat, and my friend was only a step up above me in spice tolerance.

While the food wasn’t my favorite and the music ruined my enjoyment of the atmosphere, our waitress we had was really kind. I don’t think she was necessarily our waitress per se, but she was the one who came over when I was struggling with spice, gave me service sides and sour cream, and who chased after us when we left because it had just started raining and she wanted to make sure we had umbrellas with an umbrella in her hand to give us. We each had one but the thought was really really sweet.

The one we visited is in Hongdae, but they also have locations in Gwanghwamu and Hannam. Their menu is in English to a point. They also have pairing suggestions on which of their mojitos will go best which each of the foods they sell. The one in Hongdae is up some steep stairs, so be careful if you go to this location. They’re open from 11:30am until 11pm with a break time from 3pm until 5pm and the last order is at 10pm.

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