On my first morning in Paris while waiting for Big Bus to open so I could pick up my Paris pass I tried to find somewhere to eat breakfast. The first couple of places I found either had no seating or were too busy to tell me to either grab a seat or show me to a seat. So I left. After wandering around a bit disheartened because nothing in Paris seemed to open before 9:30am I found Cojean. A small cafe chain with salads, yogurts, and soups. The woman at the front desk spoke English so I decided to order their Petit Dej frugal, which is essentially their cheap breakfast at €2.90.

It came with a pastry of my choice and a coffee of my choice. This is where I learned she spoke English because I tried to see if I could exchange the coffee for tea, but tea was too expensive, so I had the option of an americano or an espresso. I figured with being in Paris I’d try an espresso with milk and sugar also known as café noisette. It wasn’t bad, but I would’ve been happier with some tea.


The pain au chocolat I ordered was really good. And honestly it was just nice to chill near Big Bus and wait for them to open somewhere warm and with self serve water. They weren’t busy at all around 8am. They only had one or two other customers for the entire time I was there.

What I should’ve done when I realized she spoke English was to cancel my order and instead of ordering a set get my pastry and then get my tea. But what I did order wasn’t bad.

Cojean can also be found in a couple locations in Paris and outside of Paris. The one I went to was open from Monday through Friday from 8am until 5pm and on Saturdays from 10am until 6pm.

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