Café la Bûcherie

After leaving Versailles my plan was to go to the Shakespeare and Company cafe for dinner. But instead of going straight to the cafe which seemed a little full I went and wandered around the bookstore instead deciding I would eat after. I hadn’t realized that I had spent so much time in the bookstore and when I left the cafe was closing up. I was so hungry that I wandered around the nearby restaurants and looked at their menus trying to decide what I wanted. I was in a touristy area so one of the hosts of Café la Bûcherie started talking to me which usually makes me nervous and want to walk away. I want to look at the menu in quiet and then go in if I decide I see something I’m interested in. If anyone talks to me before that or tries to lure me in I get uncomfortable. Which in Korea is always awful when walking around Myeongdong. But I’m working on it, especially when exhausted.

I walked away, then wandered back and looked at their menu again, a little bit away from the host. I decided that I wanted to try a true French crêpe . I’ve eaten a lot of crêpes. I’ve had them all over the world and even made my own in my high school French club. Our classroom was right next to the home ec classroom so we were always in there cooking French food it should’ve been a French cooking club instead. I loved it.


Because of the hour they were actually surprised I ordered food. It was after 8pm. I sat in the enclosed patio of the cafe and quickly ordered my crêpe and an iced tea. While I had expected a savory crepe I wasn’t expecting it to be the way it ended up tasting. The crepe itself wasn’t light and actually tasted a bit burnt which was hard to get over. It came with an egg, mushrooms, beef, and a salad and a whole bunch of cheese. The cheese which also tasted burnt seeing as it was the only thing inside the crêpe and everything else was on top. I liked the egg and I liked the mushrooms but the beef and the salad were a bit difficult flavor wise for me to enjoy.

The staff though was friendly and spoke English. The menu was pretty easy to parse through and I’m sure if I’d had a question they would’ve been happy to answer or chat if I’d been in the mood for it. I was too tired to do anything beyond shovel food in my mouth so I wasn’t really up for conversation.

Café la Bûcherie is in a great location near Shakespeare and Company with a nice view of Notre dame, they are open from 7am until 11pm daily.

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