Thierry Marx Bakery Lafayette Haussmann

After all my museums the previous day I had no energy to do anything else, so after dinner I made my way back to the hotel and passed out.


For my last full day in Paris I was determined to use the Hop on Hop off bus like it was intended. I had big dreams to see all the famous sites and hop off at them and then get back on the bus. But first I needed to eat. I figured I’d grab something near d’Opéra pick up for the first bus but had difficulty finding a cafe that was open and with seating where I wouldn’t struggle too much. I ended up finding the Marx Bakery. I had enough time so I got in line and did my best guess of what I wanted to eat.


However the problem with jumping in line early in the morning at a French bakery is that everyone else is ordering bags worth of bread for their homes or their offices. No one in front of me was ordering breakfast pastries. They were ordering at least 3 bags worth of actually bread the one staff member had to go get from the back. It was long and time consuming and I don’t suggest it.


I would however try instead to go around lunch time to one of the locations. One of their most popular items seems to be a breadmaki which is a Japanese fusion sandwich with different options available depending on the day. I’m sure people are ordering meals, or there’s more staff or something different by the time lunch time rolls around that would make everything easier.


I ordered a pastry just to make life easier on myself. I’d had pain au chocolat, a croissant and various other pastries on my previous days out and about. This time I decided to pick something different and just pick at random. I ended up picking the chaussons aux pommes. I knew it was an apple something, turns out it was a very flaky and very messy apple turnover. Which I suppose works for breakfast. I wish the size of the line hadn’t intimidated me because it seems like it’s a very popular bakery and a good place to get lunch. I’m sure I could’ve tried something else to enjoy. (It was good though, just very very messy)

There are a couple Thierry Marx Bakeries in Paris. They have different hours. The one a short distance from d’Opéra open during weekdays only from 8am until 4pm. The other two are open daily starting around 7:30am until about 8pm.

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