Shakespeare and Company Cafe

After a failed attempt to eat at the cafe last time by getting distracted by the magic that is the Shakespeare and Company bookstore I made sure to give it another try.

I ordered their Veggie stew and chai tea. The veggie stew was quite interesting. There were a lot of different flavors happening. Like the beet looking things that were red had a sweet salty flavor that I enjoyed which I think were their homemade pickles.


I was less impressed with their chai latte which just tasted like someone threw some spices into some milk and called it chai. It was very weak and without that warmth I usually enjoy from chai. Which is a bummer because their website boasts about their great chai. “Completely organic and hand made, the spices and tea are gently cooked into vanilla and ginger infused honey. A complex and spicy drink, the Sticky Chai is the first of its kind in Paris!



I sat in the corner by the window. There isn’t much seating and what is available inside is a bit cramped. There are a couple of picnic tables outside which I think would be great for other seasons.


Also as I ate and the space around me filled up the people near me realized the Shakespeare and Company cafe does not have any wifi. It’s more or less a spot to get some food that’s dietary friendly in either a vegetarian, gluten free, or vegan way. Beyond that I don’t think it’s really “travel friendly”. There are signs up everywhere saying to watch your bag in case of pick pockets which I found made me more stressed then I think was necessary and the lack of wifi makes it difficult to stay there long if you’re trying to make your way around. I’ve started carrying around my own travel wifi, so usually I’m okay. But it’s always pretty awful if you pick a place thinking you can reorganize yourself and realize you can’t.


There is a bathroom, however note that it’s a bit odd. It’s behind this door which latches but does not look like it closes completely from the inside. You cannot however see from the outside thanks to the bookcase.

The Shakespeare and Company Cafe is open daily from 9:30am until 8pm. They are closed on December 25th. On December 24th and January 1st they have shorter hours. On December 24th they’re open from 11am until 5pm. On January 1st they open at 11am and close at 7pm. Please check on their website for possible hour changes.  Breakfast is until 11:30am. And if you bring your own travel mug/cup you’ll receive a discount.


Their other specialty seems to be lemon pie which I didn’t try.

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