Wanderlust Podcast: Episode 1 Travel’s Best Friend

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Welcome to the first episode of Wanderlust, a bi-monthly travel podcast where I interview avid travelers about their experiences and things they’re passionate about. Today’s interview is with Jessica, the creator of Guac & Roll in Seoul. She can also be found on Instagram. In this episode we discuss life as a long term expat, Hunter Barker and pets in South Korea.

You can listen to the audio here or on various other platforms like Anchor, Pocket CastsBreaker, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Radio Public:


Cool places to travel mentioned in this episode:


Prague, Czechia where both Jessica and I studied abroad at different points.

You can read about my adventures in Prague here.


Seoul, South Korea where Jessica lives and works. Check out her blog or Instagram for more on those adventures.

Thinking of visiting Seoul? Check out any of my posts here.

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Cebu, Philippines

You can read about Jessica’s adventure here.


Borneo, Malaysia

You can read about Jessica’s trip here.


Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

You can read about my recommendations on what to do/not to do here.


Busan, South Korea

You can check out Jessica’s trip to Busan here.

You can read about my adventures in Busan here.

This episodes transcript can be downloaded as a pdf and found here: Travel’s Best Friend

If you want to take the quiz via Rough Guides that Jessica took to figure out where you should travel next, once it’s safe to travel of course, you can find that here. Let me know what you get in the comments below or on Twitter. 

Jessica’s Travel Must-Have


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Kindle light

Curious about adopting a dog from South Korea but you aren’t in South Korea? Check out some of the various international non-for-profits below.

Jindo Love Rescue (USA)

Free Korean Dogs (Canada)

Save Korean Dogs (USA, Canada, UK, EU)

If you have adopted a pet while overseas share them with me here or on Twitter @wanderlustpod


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