Wanderlust Podcast: Episode 2 Influencing Travel

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In this episode, I interview Gina, a travel influencer.

“A person who is able to generate interest in something (such as a consumer product) by posting about it on social media” – Merriam Webster


Gina runs Gina Bears Blog, a youtube channel with over 21.6K followers and an Instagram with 45.4K followers join us for our interview to learn more about how she got started, her process for creating content and the benefits to being an influencer.

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This episodes transcript can be found here: Influencing Travel transcript

Cool places to visit mentioned in this episode:


Chicago (Gina’s hometown and my adopted home town)


Okinawa, Japan where Gina lived while working for JET (The Japanese English Teacher program) and which I visited as my last trip before returning to the USA before Covid-19 shut everything down in March.

You can find her Okinawa guides here.

You can find my Okinawa posts here.


Seoul, South Korea’s Lotte Tower


Haeinsa Temple a UNESCO world heritage site in South Korea.

You can read about Gina’s trip to Haeinsa here.


Jeju, South Korea, an island off the southern coast.

You can read about Gina’s adventures with the Haenyeo here

You can read about my adventures in Jeju here.

Tools of the Trade


Gina’s DSLR

Gina’s go-to backpack brand.

software Gina uses for photo editing:

Adobe Photoshop 

Light Room

websites Gina uses for blogging:




Software Gina recommends for video editing

Final Cut Pro

Adobe Premiere

The book that changed Gina’s life.

How to Shoot Video that Doesn’t Suck

Want to take the quiz Gina took? You can take it here at Quizony, let me know your results.

If you’ve got a book that changed your life share it with me here or on Twitter @wanderlustpod

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