Cape Manza 万座毛

Our last stop was our shortest. We were given 20 minutes to visit Cape Manza. There was a bit of confusion when we got off the bus on which way to go since our guide didn’t go with us and there was a bit of construction going on. I followed some signs with pictures of the cape and arrows.


This cape was named by one of the kings of the Ryukyu kingdom during the 18th century and he believed the grassy plain could hold 10,000 people. The cliff is made of limestone and overlooks the water which tends to be an emerald green and the corral reefs below.


The most famous formation is one that looks like an elephant.

The cape is free to visit but please note that parking isn’t close to the cape and be prepared to walk for a bit. Also be careful when following people because they might be heading to the bathroom or towards Onna Village rather than the cape. Follow the signs and arrows with pictures of the cape towards your destination. Though maybe when you go it’ll be after the construction and easier to get around.

Also be careful when walking around the cape and taking pictures, I did trip and scare some of the older ladies on my tour. I was fine, that time. But be cautious. As the ground isn’t all level and where they’ve roped it off is very close to dips in the ground. Because it’s on the coast it can also get windy and cold so prepare yourself accordingly.

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