Wanderlust Episode 4: A Bird’s Eye View

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In this episode I’m joined by Sarah, a master of avian sciences (birds) and a naturalist. Sarah is an avid birder and shares her tips and tricks as well as some of her favorite birding adventures.

Naturalist: an expert in or student of natural history.

Oxford Languages

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Cool places and birds mentioned in this episode:

Safari in Tanzania (Sunbirds)

Grand Canyon (California Condor)

Costa Rica – Monte Verde Rainforest Preserve Oil bird, Resplendant Quetzal, hummingbirds

Trinadad Ara Right Nature Center- oil bird

Dream Trip

Galapagos Island Marine Iguana

Tools of the Trade

Binoculars cheat sheet: magnification by lens size in millimetres. 8-10 for the first number by 3 times that first number. Usually price range is $100-$150 (unless you find them on sale) And best to buy in person.

Birding books can be arranged by color or taxonomic claffication.

taxonomy: orderly classification of plants and animals according to their presumed natural relationships

Merriam Webster

Sarah’s favorite birding books are The Sibley Guides which are illustrated rather than photographs. You can check out a couple of the Sibley general guides here. Please note that there are many Sibley guides for specific classifications of birds as well as based on location. I picked two books but there are also guides and for the most part, they are North America specific. The link will let you support local bookstores.

Birding Resources

National Audubon Society this is a group in North America that looks to protect and educate about birds and their locations. You can easily search for one near you if you’re in North America, or for where you’re traveling to find out more about the birds in the area and maybe join a birding group for your visit. They also work in partnership with International organizations. So it’s a good place to start for all your birding dreams. Or if you have a love of birds or conservation.

Birding Pal– This is essential birding with a local expert. In some cases it’s done via volunteer work, so proceed with caution. As of 2017 there were concerns raised about lack of security/vetting process. I do not know if this has been updated or if more security/vetting processes have been put in place. But this is essentially like Meetup, so treat it with similar precautions. It does seem to be available, to an extent, internationally.

Want to do the quiz Sarah did? You can here

Do you have a favorite bird? Tell me about it and any favorite birding experience on twitter @wanderlustpod

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Into the Wild Wanderlust

Today we’re joined by Kristin, an avid hiker, and scientist with a background in forest conservation. Learn about thru-hiking, hiker hunger, weird food creations, the best hiking equipment and about the Pacific Crest Trail.  You can follow Kristin on Instagram or read more about her adventures on her blog. Wanderlust is on Twitter. Transcripts are available based on the episode here. — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/wayfaringflaneur/support
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