Yankee Burger/Pizza 양키스버거

For my birthday my friend invited me out with her family. They’d suggested a place in Mullae (문래동) that opened for dinner at 5pm. Mullae is where the old industrial spaces of the 60s and earlier have been refurbished as an artist haven, with chic cafes and delicious restaurants. Down the unassuming alleyways are many small spaces with garage style shutters hiding gems. The art also tends to compliment the history of industry and the bits of that still lives in the area by using scraps to make the statues in the area or including some in a homage. Mullae is well worth a day of exploring if you’re in the area.


My friend and her family put our names and phone number on the list, being first before going to the station to meet me. Before 5pm, while they’re on break it’s a very unassuming space. It’s down an alleyway and shuttered. When they open they lift the shutter and a semi-small covered in graffiti and art restaurant can be found that sells American style pizza and burgers.  The names of the food are in English, however the breakdown of what is on them and what they are exactly is in Korean.


The specialty is the Mullae Burger (and probably the Mullae Burger 2). What makes the Mullae burger special is the toasted oatmeal ciabatta buns and sauteed mushrooms with truffle oil. They price at 8,900 won and can be turned into a set (1/2 french fries and a drink) for an additional 5,000 won. We got a set of regular french fries to share. But for me the burger was big enough that I didn’t have much room for french fries.


It was really good. I loved the toasted oatmeal ciabatta bun. It was a fun surprise.


Yankees Burger is open from 12-3:30pm for lunch every day but Tuesday. They reopen at 5pm and stay open until 10pm. They are closed on Tuesdays. Make sure to arrive early and put your name on the list outside. We returned before the shutter went up and there was already a lot of people standing around outside.

Please note that Mullae is an active industrial area with people working with heavy machinery. During the day, in the middle of the week, and especially mid-morning be careful while visiting and always be alert. Do not disturb the workers while they work. Most of the shops and artistic areas will open during the afternoon, evenings, and on the weekends.


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