Seoga & Cook 서가앤쿡

Before I left South Korea, one of the last things I did was meet up with a few coworkers for dinner. One had asked if I’d been to Seoga & Cook before and when I said I hadn’t she highly recommended it.

Seoga & Cook is a chain that can be found throughout South Korea. They do large sets for you to share with others. Nothing is meant to be for one person. Including the drinks. However because of Covid-19 we were able to get our drinks to ourselves. But they were huge. These are fresh fruit ades.


My coworker got a passion fruit ade and I got strawberry.  (7,000 won each)

The menu is almost exclusively in Korean so give yourself time to parse through it, the pictures should help. Mostly things are sets. We ended up doing the fajita hansang. It came with bacon carbonara and was 35,800won. It was very filling and I had a lot of fun making fajitas.


Seoga& Cook is known for it’s steak. There’s a bunch of different things you can get from steak sets with pasta, steak salads, pilaf, pizza, pasta and risotto. (As well as lunch boxes) No matter what you order it’s going to be a lot of food.

We went to the one in Gunpo within walking distance of where I lived near Sanbon station. At this location they’re open from 11am until 10pm with last order at 9:30pm

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