The Bourgeois Pig Cafe

I’m trying to play catch up, not just with my own personal amusements but with friends as well. (Let’s just say it’s not working out that well)

However I managed to do a very last minute get together (at least last minute for me) with my friend, who is an acting student, who use to be part of my RA family (we’ll not get into that), and a mermaid (self proclaimed and humored/believed). She picked the place, the first place she picked, upon further investigation had closed down and thus she fell back on one of her favorites. The Bourgeois Pig Cafe, I’d never been before, had walked past it once and decided that I’d happily go in but didn’t have the time. It’s on or near the DePaul campus so it can be packed with college students at random hours of the day. When I arrived I had no clue where she’d be. There is an outdoor garden and two entrances, both with their own ordering area. I found her sitting in the second room. I ordered a chai tea and early grey short bread cookies.

The Bourgeois Pig Cafe has an upstairs as well as the downstairs and outdoor seating. The drinks come in to go cups or if you’re planning to stay in large white cups, at least one wall is lined with loose leaf teas and they have pastries and jars of short bread cookies by the counter (at least in the room I went) They had, other than earl grey, lavender cookies (which I’ve had before homemade by a friend) . They handed me the tongs for the cookies and I was unsure how many to get at once, since I got to pick them out myself, so I took two. They were crumbly but good, I’ll try something else next time. For my tea, either due to the line or because I ordered a large they were unable to put it in a cup. We sat outside where it was either two hot or too cold depending on where we sat, but it was nice and comfortable, if you order food or something they will bring it out to you, calling your name.


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