Cafe Hoang

I met a friend for a late lunch, she picked out the place, a Vietnamese restaurant in her neighborhood that she hadn’t been to before. It had beautiful Vietnamese music playing (I assume). There were beautiful plants, orchids, bamboo and more and the walls had patterns made by small tile. They gave us a glass of water and we looked over the menu, Vietnamese with English under it. I ordered an iced plum drink and an egg noodle dish with chicken and mix vegetables. I don’t get well made dishes in my residence hall and so I was super excited that the vegetables were delishious. I’ve never had celery in a meal before, sometimes in soup, but mostly cold with peanut butter or dip. The chicken was the opposite of how you’d get it at a Chinese restaurant where it’s soft and dripping in sauce, it was good and a strange difference. I am however not a big fan of cilantro and it had a good amount in it, but otherwise I enjoyed it. The plum drink had a thicker consistency than water, similar to a light syrupy drink, but not as heavy, it reminded me of lemonade and it was sweet and cool, there was frozen remains of the plum in the bottom of my drink.



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