Fandom Blends and Adagio

I have become obsessed with tea, it’s gotten worse mostly because of tumblr and adagio teas. Adagio is a website and a store, there is one within my area that allows you to order teas, read about the teas they have and create your own blends. One of my favorite artists started creating blends and Adagio placed her art on the bags and sold them, she doesn’t get paid but gets tons of tea. She mixed BBC’s Sherlock with tea and I’ve been hooked since.

This evening I received my latest order, Aziraphale and Crowley from Good Omens (By Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman), a book I’m currently reading. Aziraphale smells sweet and a little fruity, is a mix of gingerbread, almond and irish breakfast. Crowley smells smokey and is lapsang souchong, spiced green, and caramel. I haven’t tried Crowley and have determined to hold off and try it on Halloween. (Crowley is a demon and Aziraphale is an angel) At this point I’ve gotten somewhat use to saying things like Sherlock has a smoky taste or Steve Rogers smells like apple pie. It’s a strange thing to get use to but it’s fun.

Adagio I’ve found is super user friendly. (Almost all of their tea comes in a loose leaf form, so it’s a bit necessary to get some kind of tea ball) They change their website to cater to fandoms which I find interesting and really sweet. They include thank you notes in almost all of their packages and since I happen to live near one of their stores I keep getting siren songs to visit. They have events at their stores, such as tea mixes, alcoholic tea’s to try, however I’m not yet of the correct age. So I keep looking at all of these invites with amusement. With my recent package they sent me a voucher for a ton of wine and now I’m trying to figure out something to do with it, I’m thinking of giving it to an older family member to order it and then wait a couple months and then trying some on my birthday. It makes every package a surprise of what you may find in the extras or amongst all the tea.

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