Midnight Circus at Franken Plaza for Chicagoween

This Halloween the city of Chicago’s Daley Plaza was turned into Franken Plaza, a plaza for Halloween fun. There were different tents with little shops, selling sweets, masks and other random goods. They had dyed the fountain orange and had set up a photo booth that was really just a person taking your photo and then printing it out.

The Franken Plaza with the Midnight Circus apparently happens every year around Halloween. Prior to the Midnight Circus was storytelling by a poet dressed as a bear wolf. It was funny and well done, the microphones however went out at random parts. There are also other days and times with fun things going on, such as trick or treating for children, hay rides, and a scientific performance that looked like fun.

The Midnight Circus started with a song and tons of smoke. Three members of the circus came out and sang, dressed festively.  There was a flexible juggler, who twisted his body  and juggled with his arms twisted behind his back, under his feet and at another point with his foot behind his head. There was a bicyclist “The Messenger of Doom” as they called him who biked backwards, sitting on the handle bars or standing on the handlebars. They did the thriller and other aerobic feats. It was very entertaining and family friendly and included some humor that adults could appreciate.

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