Heathrow Airport and the Yotel

Originally I was flying to Prague on my own with a 9 hour layover at Heathrow in London during the time London itself would be sleeping. So through different circumstances I ended up with plans to stay at the yotel. The yotel is a part of Heathrow, a small hotel that you can rent out by the hour. So with my luggage and a classmate who had joined my flight last minute we went in search of the Yotel. Heathrow is a nice airport, very big, except we couldn’t figure out where to go. We had to ask the workers, which mind you the majority of the airport staff had left. Eventually we found it. The Yotel has a galley with a person sitting there at all times who will make you a cup of coffee or tea for free and then make you dinner, breakfast, or lunch depending on what you need for a price. The Galley also had ear plugs and was where you checked in. The yotel is set up like a train car, you walk down the hall in search of your number. There is a bed, perfect size to fit two exhausted college students, and a bathroom/shower room with a mirror set up that won’t fog in a certain spot. There was a fold out table, a mirror, wifi, a tv, and a phone. It was perfect for a short nap and shower before chasing after our flight. There are different sized room and the yotels can be found at a couple other airports around the world.

Heathrow reminded me of a giant mall, we had been given incorrect directions and had to run past aisles of candy, high end wines, and perfumes. It was hectic but eventually we caught our bus, which was strange to me, having never been taken out to the plane and being instead use to just walking from the inside of the airport through the tunnel to the plane. It was a short and mostly empty flight to Prague.

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