Lou Malnati’s and Pauly’s

One thing that is Chicago style that I love is the pizza. One of the fancier sit down pizza place’s is Lou Malnati’s. It can be very cozy and warm with booths or tables and with enough space on for larger groups. You can sit down and have your pizza or you can get it to go. But the best pizza is definably their Chicago style which is a bit inside out, you’ll understand when you try it, the sauce is on top and it’s a little thicker than most pizza’s and a lot more filling. Their menu’s include how many people each size would typically feed. I tend to take the leftovers home to eat later and usually get a cheese deep dish with their butter crust.

Lou Malnati’s is like a classic somewhat fancy feeling Chicago pizza place and I tend to go when I have family visiting or for special occasions. On other occasions I go to Paulys Pizzeria which is a bit different. It’s smaller and has more of a college pizza place feel. The one in the south loop is within walking distance of Lou Malnati’s and a couple other pizza places. (one being Toppers, that I’m not too fond of) Most pizza ordered will give you two good size slices of pizza that are not Chicago style. Which is good for a cheeper quick pizza meal. They have sitting, but usually people get the pizza to go. They also have wonderful homemade jumbo garlic knots that depending on how many you get are a meal within itself. Another popular option is their italian ice, the flavors are seasonal but tend to be awesome. I’ve been to Pauly’s more often because it’s quick and cheaper than Lou Malnati’s but both are delicious.

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