One of my friends mentioned to me that Yolk is practically empty when it opens, around 6am on the weekdays. I’ve been there before, last year, and waiting for about an hour or long in a packed side part with a ton of other people, straining to hear the names called. So when a friend told me that they kept waking up at 5 am and had nothing to do, but wanted to be productive, we put together a group to go out and to eat. I wasn’t expecting many people to show up, but oddly enough a bunch of people showed up, waiting in the lobby, half awake, some somewhat passed out on the couches trying to wake up and cursing being awake. It was still dark out and freezing cold, but we arrived a little after they had opened and only a couple was sitting in a booth off to the side. The employees of yolk were still cleaning and setting up, playing club music which didn’t fit with the restaurant’s sleepy atmosphere. A friend ordered their bacon filled waffles and I ordered pancakes with a side of fruit. Almost all of their breakfast meals, and possibly lunch options come with a slice of an orange. They have a lot of breakfast and lunch options and it was a ton of fun to have gone out and gotten breakfast before the sun rose and then have the entire day ahead by the time the sun rose. Especially a restaurant with a notorious long wait.


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