Cultivate Festival


The Cultivate Festival begins in the fall usually around September in Chicago.  It’s a free event put on by Chipotle. The idea is to promote green hormone free food, farming and ideas. When entering the festival there are stands where you can pick up a map that tells you what is going on throughout the festival, also several places where you can get a stamp. Once you collect all of the stamps you can get a free burrito. Farms show up, explaining and giving demonstrations about their produce. There is a stage where musicians perform and the line up can be found pretty easily either in the map/pamphlet, or on one of the signs throughout the area. In certain areas there are chefs giving demonstrations and cooking, these tend to get packed so it’s best to get to a specific chef’s tent early. Otherwise you can check out the different food and drink stands and try things such as popcorn made without kernels, vegetarian and vegan options, BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, or an array of desserts. It all just depends on which farmers and shops show up to the festival. Usually scattered throughout the area are drink stands, like vitamin water, tea, or many other companies with free samples. There is also a section for kids and different activities for them. It’s a fun fall festival to go to, to walk around in the park, eating and learning about different green technologies and farming while listening to music.

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