Snow Days


Snow Days is an annual event in January that happens at Navy Pier, which can be reached by riding the 29 bus to the end of the line, or several other ways. Navy Pier in general is a super busy tourist place and also tends to be filled with conventions, such as the National Gardener convention or Chitag, which is a toy and game convention.

Snow Days is a three day event where people across the country and around the world come and compete at making snow sculptures. Guests can walk around, look at the sculptures, play games and vote on their favorites. Snow Days events for children change yearly, one year there were dog sled races, another was a ton of bean bag toss and snowy winter inspired games and this year there was a miniature course for children to practice snow boarding, they could go to a section and paint on snow and the games made a return this year with tickets every time you won that could be redeemed for prizes inside the main entrance to Navy Pier.  The prizes this year consisted of small things like rulers, pencils, bouncy balls, erasers, and notebooks. However it was easy to get any prize because one ticket gave you access to one or two of anything. There is also a section every year of the Snow Day’s event that allows high schools to participate and compete.


It’s a fun event but dress warmly for walking around outside in the cold.

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