Navy Pier

Navy Pier is a popular destination in the city. It is located at 600 East Grand Avenue and can easily be reached by CTA buses#2, #29, #65, #66,  or #124. The pier hosts a multitude of events and I've been multiple times over the four years I've lived in the city. Over the summer it's [...]

Chinese New Year with Red Moon at Navy Pier

Instead of going to a parade in Chinatown or off of Argyle, this year I went to Navy Pier. Navy Pier partnered with Red Moon and the Cubs to put on the event. Red Moon is a theater troupe in the city. They utilized the room at the end of the pier. For the year [...]


Seadog is a speedboat tour at Navy Pier.  The speedboat leaves the pier for about a half hour and includes a tour of the city from the lake. The tour guide tells a bit about different places along the way and some historical architectural facts. There are two different types of Seadog tours, the extreme [...]

Snow Days

Snow Days is an annual event in January that happens at Navy Pier, which can be reached by riding the 29 bus to the end of the line, or several other ways. Navy Pier in general is a super busy tourist place and also tends to be filled with conventions, such as the National Gardener [...]