Seadog is a speedboat tour at Navy Pier.  The speedboat leaves the pier for about a half hour and includes a tour of the city from the lake. The tour guide tells a bit about different places along the way and some historical architectural facts.


There are two different types of Seadog tours, the extreme thrill ride which does 180 or 360 spins out in the lake and speeds along to some rock and roll. The other is a lakefront tour. Close to Halloween they have a  haunted tour.


The tour is a great place to learn more about the city and have some fun as well as to get some good pictures. There is a chance of getting wet, but even though I was sitting in the back I didn’t get drenched. By sitting in the back I was unable to hear all of the speech about all of the different buildings, but I was able to still enjoy the view and the music.


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