Rockefeller Memorial Chapel’s Carillon


One of my friend’s teachers invited us out to visit the Rockefeller Memorial Chapel and listen receive the grand tour. It was a beautiful walk to the Chapel but when we got there the walk up the tower was ridiculously long and steep, going round and round. (there are 271 steps up the spiral stone staircase) I went last and I could hear my friends calling from far ahead asking if I was still there.  The Carillon consists of a piano like keyboard that connects to bells in the tower, so when keys are hit the corresponding bells ring. There are around 58 small bells and 14 large bells. We were given a tour that ended with my friends teacher playing songs for us and a trip out onto the balcony.



* There is a $3 fee for a trip/tour of the Carillon for visitors and tours can be arranged.

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