Aroma Workshop

Out of curiosity one day I ended up making plans to go to the Aroma Workshop. (2050 N. Halsted St) It was a bit of a walk from the train station and the shop was a little busy when I went in with my friend but the workers were friendly and happily explained their shop. At Aroma Workshop you get to pick out your base, be it shampoo, a bath bomb, lotion, or other product and then you pick out the scent or scents.  One wall is lined with their products and other side has a bar with scents and containers with coffee beans. Coffee beans help refresh your ability to smell after sitting and smelling a lot of different things, it can be useful after a day of smelling candles as well. On the other side of the bar a worker can be found to help you out, because different scents are used for different things, certain smells may be too strong for the skin, such as a pure cinnamon extract, so there is a fake cinnamon scent for the body products. There is a limited amount of space between the bar and the bases or things for sale making it a little difficult for larger groups. In which case they have a scent events that are about $50 per person, but you get a discount and the scent they create. The shop is unique because you can make your own scents and perfumes and it tends to have a nice relaxing air to it. Though a bit pricy it’s a nice shop to check out.

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