The French Market


The French Market can be found off the pink line and is open all year round. The French Market is indoors, and  conected to one of the metra stations. Calming music plays and there are three main aisles.  There is a flower and gift shop, with a candies and nuts nearby, coffee shops, a soup shop, gelato, a donut shop, sea food, an oilve oil shop where all the olive oil are in metal kegs and you can sample almost all of them. There are grocery like shops and a place called Vanille patisserie with at 16 to 23 different flavors of macaroons and small fancy deserts. There is another pastry shop in the market as well as a crepery, smoothies, sandwhiches, sushi, soap, wine and cheese and many more. One spot is for RAW, a shop made specifically for organic, vegan, gluten free and vegetarian friendly foods. They’re pretty pricy. A new shop that opened up that I’m fond of is bellotea that makes loose leaf teas, matcha and bubble teas. I tried a sample of their honey walnut tea and got one of their most popular matcha drinks, a blueberry matcha latte.  The staff and owners were friendly and they sold  their teas and different tea containers like to go mugs for the matcha teas that will mix the teas as you shake it. Matcha tea is a green tea powder that needs to be mixed in order to be made, usually with a bamboo whisk that will turn the powdery water into a smoothy creamy green drink.


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