Reckless Records

Reckless Records can be found in Wicker Park. It is a large used record and music shop with some other media to be found such as movies. You can spend hours going through what they have and you can even sell some of you old music or records. If you find what you want you take the little package that is usually the album cover and info to the front desk and they’ll go into the back stacks to get the cd and its case, or whatever it is you would like to get. It’s pretty cool for any of your music needs, it includes a couple day return policy in case you change your mind or the used cd doesn’t work. Current and unused music can be a bit more pricy, towards the normal store prices but the older things are cheaper. There is always an interesting array of music playing and when I went I was startled because there was a window in which you can watch the workers in the back going through and checking the items people are trying to sell.

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