Garfield Park Conservatory

165140_163926710322333_1568677_nThe Garfield Park Conservatory is one of my favorite places in Chicago. It can be found right off the green line, which should be ridden in care. The Garfield Park Conservatory is a large indoor garden and is a great escape from the cold winter or if your just wanting some greenery in your life. Which for a person who grew up around green and forests and then moved to a grey city it was a wonderful breath of fresh air, literally since the conservatory is filled with plants.  It is free but they do ask for a $5 donation, that does not have to be paid. The Conservatory is broken up into different rooms depending on what kind of terrain the plants need to thrive. The plants are marked and there is even a children’s section with occasional educational events and crafts, as well as a slide and plants that can be touched.




There are also several bodies of water throughout the conservatory, there is one large pond with koi and turtles as well as several waterfalls.


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