Ipsento is a coffee house in Bucktown off the blue western stop. I went to visit a friend and while I waited I perused their menu. While I was there some of the workers were up front roasting coffee beans and a couple others were testing out the coffee, making cups and then testing them like scientists. Since I’m not a fan of coffee I ordered, after a discussion and introduction to their menu, their item London Fog.


The London Fog took awhile to make because they brew the tea fresh. It is an earl grey latte with vanilla extract that tastes (at least to me) like a lemon cake or sweet bread. While I waited for my friend I hunted for a place to sit.

There are two spots, in the entrance room with the coffee roaster, the scientists table and the ordering and making area for the baristas. There are two stools at the windows on each side, though one is a little overcrowded with bags. There is also a bench and one somewhat large table that could fit between probably four people to however many you’re willing to squish. There is a set of  stairs that goes past the restroom and into another room with a couple chairs and benches and more makeshift seating. There are a couple tables as well. When I went there were a lot of people sitting quietly doing work.


My friend ordered the cardamon rose coffee which she really enjoyed, saying it was sweet but not too sweet for someone who doesn’t enjoy sweet coffee.

Ipsento makes sandwiches till 3pm. Either breakfast options or lunch, both served till 3pm. All are named after authors.DSCN0525

I got a breakfast choice named Jane Austin. The Jane Austin is honey, cream cheese, and apple slices on a croissant.  It was super messy and sticky because of the honey. I hadn’t really expected such a strange concoction but I did enjoy it.

My friend and I ended up sitting upstairs on a bench for several hours. The upstairs is a lot like walking into someones house at a party and not knowing where to sit because you don’t know anyone else. They played music in the backgrounds using a speaker system and it looked like, because of a projector and a pull down screen that on occasion they may have movie events. There were also, as you can see in the photo below board games by the window. I absolutely loved my London Fog tea and think it might be a nice quiet place to get some work done, but it isn’t so accommodating towards larger groups on an average day and seating can be set up awkwardly.


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