Jupiter Outpost


The Jupiter Outpost can be found off the Morgan pink line stop on Fulton Market street. It’s a couple blocks down and is a cute little somewhat hipster-y art cafe. With a $5 minimum to use any credit or debit cards and a bathroom that is gender neutral. The Jupiter Outpost is broken up into two parts, the cafe part and the sandwich section. When you walk to the left is where you can order you choice of drink, they have a selection of flavors and you can choose your own espresso flavored drink or choose from one of their specialty options like their thin mint coffee which has a light aftertaste of mint and chocolate. They also have a selection of sweets such as cookies,brownies and cakes.


They sell t-shirts and mugs upfront as well and on the right is seating with extension cords spaced intermitiantlly over the backs of the wall seating couches for people to charge their phones or laptops. The wall above is covered by paintings, all of which, when I went were for sale and done by Jessie Lee, a price list can be found near the entrance of the shop.


The other half of the shop is filled with more seating, two booths for larger groups of people and a place to get breakfast, sandwiches, salads, and soup. This section also includes a tank with a rather large turtle named Bebe.


It has a nice quiet atmosphere and seems like a great place to get some work done or to catch up with a friend. I spent a good couple of hours here.

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