OYSY sushi


Oysy is a sushi restaurant located at 888 South Michigan Avenue. The location I went to has closed and looks like it will be opening into different restaurant soon. There is another restaurant at 50 E Grand Avenue. I wasn’t feeling all that well but a friend really wanted sushi before she left for the summer. So she ate her fill of sushi and I poked around on their menu for other things. I got miso soup and vegetable tempura.



I’m not a huge fan of miso soup, but I don’t hate it. My friend and I, while she waited on her sushi spent a lot of time on the vegetable tempura plate trying to figure out what everything was. There were a couple fried bamboo shoots, and I believe, but I’m not 100% certain, that fan looking thing is uncooked fried noodles. It was by far an interesting experience but I probably won’t get it again. I did enjoy the miso soup though. Eventually, when I was almost done eating and she’d tried everything off my plate her sushi came.


I tried the fried sushi and thought it was pretty good, but didn’t venture to try the other kind since I wasn’t feeling well. Before we left our waitress asked if we wanted to see the dessert menu, after I had made a mess trying to eat the vegetable tempura. We decided to split and try a ginger lemon cheesecake.


There was other items on the menu, such as ice cream mochi which I absolutely love, but there was a trader’s joe within walking distance and we decided if we wanted ice cream mochi that bad we would just go out and buy a box since they made it seem as if you only got one piece of mochi ice cream for about the same price. Ginger lemon cheesecake sounded unique and it was. It had the sharp taste of the ginger and small bits of it at the bottom near the crust, it mixed nicely with the somewhat sweet taste of the lemon.

If I had been feeling better I may have tried sushi, but its not something I’m a big fan of. This sushi shop is the one my friend goes to the most, and I do enjoy its clean somewhat modern atmosphere and their interesting dessert.



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