DSCN1327Filter is a cafe with plenty of food options that make it closer towards a restaurant than a cafe, a bit like Robust. Breakfast is served all day, they have a large selection of coffee, smoothies, and tea. They  do not accept credit cards, but they are set up for the  Level Up app. There are a couple atms in the area, such as in the walgreens across the street and another one inside Filter near the entrance. There is also a screen near the atm that keeps an up-to-date tracker on all the nearest public transportation. There is plenty of seating depending on when you go, such as a weekday when everyone is in work or school. On weekends there is a good chance of it being packed.


When I went with a couple friends I ordered their pear tea and an egg and cheese sandwich.



We were given our drinks and a number and they then brought out our food. My friend got a turkey burger and fries, they also make sweet potato fries which came with an interesting dip that had a sort of sharp tang to it that I didn’t mind but one of my friends hated. (it came in a little cup to the side)


After all of my friends ordered smoothies I couldn’t help myself so I ordered a strawberry, bannana and blueberry smoothie. For some reason despite having been cold, once I sat down with my egg sandwhich the tea just didn’t fit. Which for me is surprising.


They filled it to the brim and it went well with my food, a good end to my meal.

I thought Filter was somewhat fun, except the fact that they don’t accept cards, I think I’ve lived here long enough that I don’t carry as much cash on me which makes places that don’t accept cash sort of strange to me.

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