La Tacorea


La Tacorea is in Belmont and its a mixture of Korean and Mexican food.


With mixtures of things such as spicy sweet bbq pork, sesame garlic soy tofu all in burrito bowls or as jumbo tacos, its definably an interesting and fun fusion. It’s set up a bit like subway, where they make the food in front of you and you tell them what they can add. I ordered the Juicy Rib-eye steak (Korean Bulgogi) as a jumbo taco. It came with  rib-eye steak marinated in korean bbq sauce and  placed with white rice a tortilla. I had them add cheese and lettuce and  grilled peppers and onions. They also toss on a special sauce that comes in mild or hot. I got the mild because I can’t really stand too much spice (which makes the grilled peppers and onions surprising) but it was good, and really hot for me. A little over hot, I consumed a ton of water, but it was delicious.


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