Milk and Honey Cafe


The Milk and Honey Cafe is located on the same street the Renegade craft fair happens in the summer. On a rather hot day a friend asked if I wanted to go check it out with her and I couldn’t say no.



Their chalkboard menus can be found throughout the shop, some of which take a bit of looking to find. Outside the front door is outdoor seating and  they advertise mostly hot drinks. When we went they didn’t have any air conditioning and with how warm it was outside plus all of the hot drinks I decided to get a lemonade. It may have been an off day, but the woman who took my order seemed to be preoccupied, and spent most of the time searching out the front windows for someone else. I think they were under staffed that day.



My friend ordered a lavender cake and a thai latte.  It wasn’t until I sat down and looked around that I noticed they had two containers of iced tea with interesting fruity flavors. They served food as well, but the lavender cake seemed rather hard to me and due to the heat (I don’t do well in heat) we ended up moving on once we were done with our drinks. I may give it another chance in the fall but it isn’t a good place for me to go to into during the summer.

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