I’ve had oberweis milk before, it’s an interesting kind that comes in glass rectangular/square containers. But on a rather hot day my friends who’ve been trying to get me to go for awhile finally succeeded (they tend to mention it after I’m too full to eat anything else)


There are a couple desks about and a bar where you can sit and enjoy your ice cream, milk shake or sundae. They also have freezers and refrigerators lining the wall filled with ice cream and milk. For whatever you’d like to try, seasonal or not, they’ll give you a metal spoonful of ice cream to sample.

I ended up ordering two scoops in a cup. (they have a couple different kinds of cones as well) I got chocolate chip coconut almond and chocolate caramel crunch. I was pleasantly surprised at how well they went together. The coconut had a very light flavor and came in a vanilla looking possibly cocout ice cream base, the almonds weren’t large chunks, something that always bothers me with ice cream, if I have large chunks of something. The darker brown scoop is the chocolate caramel crunch.


The oberweis I went to was near Lakeview on Belmont. Oberweis also apparently delivers milk throughout Illinois. You can also purchase ice cream to take home.

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