Dimo’s is a pizza place found in Wriglyville.It is open late, till about 3 or 4 am.  You look at slices of pizza, ask about it or just order what you want then they’ll heat it up for you, whichever concoction you’ve picked and you can take a seat and enjoy your fill. On Tuesday they have a board game night and if you bring your own alcohol they  set up different mixes you can add to your drink.  You can trade something of value for any of their board games, however they will treat you with the same respect you treat their games. An ID will do for the game. Though I think you could play board games any night if you want.


They all have a variety of pizza for you to chose from, whether it’s vegan pizza, or chicken and waffles, or chicken and penne. This place can either be a friends gathering, a family group or filled with people who pour out of the nearby bars.

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