Kanela Cafe: Breakfast Club


Before going to see a movie a friend and I decided we’d check out Kanela Cafe for Brunch. We were told it would take about 15 minutes and several groups of people were outside on the side walk waiting. The Kanela Cafe is located on Clark Street in Belmont. Kanela means cinnamon and is a Greek/American breakfast/brunch restaurant. A group of four had been waiting for an hour, which we didn’t learn until we were almost up to go in.


The Kanela Cafe does not have a lot of space for large groups. It’s best for smaller two person sets. With a booth that runs along one wall sets it up for two people parties. There is also a bar where people can wait, ordering drinks such as mimosas or coffee.

When we were seated after a long wait we were brought water, a glass filled and then our own. The waiter returned several times even though he didn’t have to to refill our glasses, something we could have done ourselves, but he kept an eye on it. They have many different non-alcholic drink options, such as juices, coffee, tea,  smoothies and organic milk.


I ordered a smoothie with blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, apple, and nonfat yogurt. I had just glanced at it, recognizing the yogurt, blueberry and other berries and didn’t notice the raspberry until the waiter listed it off before walking off to get it made. I don’t dislike the taste of raspberries but to me the seeds are too prevalent, I don’t like that constancy in my smoothies. So I was a little worried when I got it, but I couldn’t really tell. After awhile I had to mix it because it dislodged into a couple layers, but it wasn’t bad, not very sweet.


For breakfast I split a bougasta with my friend. It was a hot layered pastry (phyllo) with lemon custard in the center, blueberries and cream.


I got Kanela chip pancakes with creme anglaise and honey butter. The cinnamon chips (Kanela) were like chocolate chips, and the butter was drizzled like icing making the experience reminiscent of cinnamon rolls.


My friend got their crepes.

I found it uber delicious and was glad we went, they open early at 7:30 and stay open till 3:30. I think next time I would get there early. It probably didn’t help that we went around 11 on a Saturday. I especially suggest getting there early if you have more than two people to at least put your name on the list. It also can get loud due to how busy it gets.

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