Sweet Cakes Bakery


Sweet Cakes Bakery is in the midst of moving from the Ukrainian village to West Town. While it was in the Ukrainian village it was across the street from Black Dog Gelato.



My friend and I got mini cupcakes. The one I got is the one pictured on the right. A rootbeer float cupcake. The brown stick isn’t a stick of chocolate, which I learned after trying to eat it. It’s a small straw. The cupcake was good and I was surprised by how close it tasted to a root beer float. Sweet Cakes bakery has a nice selection of cupcakes of various sizes amongst other sweets. It was fairly peaceful and quiet and the shop seemed to have regualrs. I’m not sure what it’ll be like when it finishes it’s move to West Town, but I hope their cupcakes are just as cute and that the comfortable  peaceful atmosphere stays the same.

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