Black Dog Gelato


Black Dog is a gelato shop on Damen avenue in the Ukrainian village.  The shop is somewhat small with limited seating but there is some more seating outside. It is more of the kind of shop where you get your gelato to go. There is seating by the window and a couple other shops but there is not a bathroom for customers.  There are plenty of gelato options and they encourage tasting the gelato. They have fruity and sweet flavors.  You can also get two different flavors in the same cup if you want.




I got an apple pie tasting gelato and vanilla malt. I really enjoyed their odd flavors, all of the fruity flavors and the goat cheese cashew caramel kinds. It was nice to be able to try so many different ones and then get a mix of whatever ones I did like. It’s just not a really good place to sit and stay for a long time.

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