Piccolo Sogno Due

Piccolo Sogno Due can be found on Clark Street. It is the second restaurant opened in the city after Piccolo Sogno which can be found on Halstead.(The only title difference being the “Due”) We were seated by the window and looked through the menus. They have an extensive alcohol menu and a staff that checks up on you rather regularly. Our waiter explained the different bread options we had, but spoke rather softly and was drowned out by the louder fancy dressed buisness  people around us. I ended up missing a lot of what he said as he explained the food we ordered when we got it and the four different kinds of bread we were given. The table came with olive oil and a somewhat sweet unmakred vinegar that was in a smaller bottle and very dark.




I ordered the tortelli which is buffalo milk ricotta and parmesion stuffed pasta, butter, pastachio, and saba. I wasn’t sure what saba was, but it is apparently a sweet syrup made from grape juice. It tasted rather sweet which threw me off a bit, and the pasta along the edges was a bit chewy, but all together enjoyable. Our waiter also asked about allergies, so I assume they take special care of  people’s dishes that have allergies.


They also have a daily change of gelato and sherbert. I ended up ordering a chocolate chip gelato and my friend ordered a rather refreshing cinnamon gelato.

The restaurant is nice, the staff is friendly but it’s a bit pricey. I’ll probably not go back to it while I’m in the city, but I would find it interesting to compare it to it’s older sibling, Piccolo Sogno which was booked the evening we went or else we would have been there instead.

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