Fox and Obel-closed

Prior to a trip to the movies a friend and I decided to check out Fox and Obel and got a little lost.


Fox and Obel is a gourmet food market found on 401 E. Illinois. When we arrived we were asked if we wanted to sit outside to eat but we decided we didn’t, so we were given directions for the bistro. The bistro wasn’t what we were looking for which we found out when we were asked if we had a reservation and after checking the menu to realize that it wasn’t the menu we had looked at online. The bistro is pretty fancy looking and we were significantly under dressed. We were looking for the cafe which was on the opposite end of the market. We passed a ton of gourmet groceries until we found the little cafe.


We ordered our food and were given numbers. The food was cooked elsewhere, most likely the same spot the bistro’s food is cooked. I ordered the Salmon Burger which is miso glazed salmon, kimchi slaw, and sesame brioche. My friend and I split truffle fries, not realizing our burgers came with fries.


The food over all wasn’t bad, we just ended up running low on time since we were there for a quick dinner before a movie. However since we kept getting sent the wrong direction and got lost in the market it dampened the experience.

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