Argyle Night Market

Argyle Night Market is a farmers market in Uptown off the Argyle stop. It started in late June and ends  September 19th. Every Thursday night between 4pm until 8pm, there is live music or djs at least an hour after it opens. The vendors are friendly and most offer free samples. The restaurants in the area set up stands and either sell their food or cook it in front of you.

DSCN2804There were a couple different produce vendors. One for soups, one for pickles, salsas, and spreads, another for vegetables and fruits, and another for hormone free and cage free meats. I tried some soup samples and tofu samples.


Eventually I walked my way back to the front where they were grilling and ordered the combo which was chicken, ribs and rice. 


They were also making juices; grape, watermelon and carrot. I tried a bit of the watermelon and then ordered it. I greatly enjoyed my food. Due to how early I got there though they hadn’t set up benches so I sat on the sidewalk and ate.


It was a small farmers market/festival. About one block long, but it was enjoyable and the vendors were friendly and the food was great.

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