The L Cafe-Closed


The L cafe is located at 424 South Wabash. It’s a cheap diner style restaurant. The afternoon I stopped by it was quiet and peaceful. (It’s located between a couple city campus’s so it may become full of college students on other days) It’s a relatively cheap place to get a meal and has a student discount that does not count for the special of the day.


They tend to have a small staff. Maybe one or two people were working while I was there. I ordered the specialty or the deal for the day which was a fried chicken wrap with fries and a drink.


It wasn’t bad, but I didn’t end up finishing it. It was lunch and when my friend and I were finished eating the person who took our order cleared our table and asked us to leave since no one else was there and so they were going to close early for the day. I don’t know if that’s a normal occurrence that on slow days they close before dinner or if they reopened later.

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