Mercat a la planxa


Mercat is a Tapas bar located on Michigan Avenue.


On a day a friend was visiting we decided to check out Mercat which I had walked past on multiple occasions. It was a rather busy day and with the upstairs too busy we ended up sitting down stairs at the bar where the bartender explained most of the menu to us.  We received complementary bread that was covered in tomato and herbs that we loved.


We ordered two things after spending a lot of time trying to decide. First was a cheese plate, El Bufalet. It was buffalo milk cheese with orange blossom honey that came with apples and bread slices. They honey was great, especially with the apples or bread, the cheese was a bit strong for me, but it was fun to try.


Second was Pulpo Con Patatas. This was spanish octopus, confit potato and smoked paprika. The dish had a nice smoky taste to it and the potatoes were perfect. I haven’t had a lot of octopus, but I enjoyed it.


We loved the food we got to try and enjoyed our time catching up at the bar. There was seating outside and upstairs but I think it’s usually limited and depends on if there is something going on.

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